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Breaking Free from Plastic: Your Guide to a Plastic-Free Lifestyle

How to avoid plastics in South Carolina

Drinking tap water will prevent us from throwing away a dozen kilos of plastic bottles per year, while avoiding the absorption of numerous plastic microparticles. A stainless steel bottle will make it easy to store or transport.

In the same vein, we will favor reusable fabric bags rather than plastic bags which can take up to 400 years to disappear.

Eliminate packaging

According to the Zero Waste principle, the best waste is that which is not produced. This is why many natural alternatives have appeared to help us gradually move away from polluting disposable products.

In the bathroom, for example, the solid shampoo has been released from its packaging while the toothbrush and bamboo cotton buds will end their lives in the compost without any pollution.

When shopping in Conway or elsewhere in SC, you should focus as much as possible on foods sold in bulk, retail or by the cut. In this way, we will avoid both overpackaging, a source of pollution, and food waste, which still represents 29 kg per person per year.

Getting started with compost

In your apartment or in your garden, the recovery of our green kitchen waste will provide an excellent natural fertilizer. Many municipalities also make public composters available to their residents.

Buy recycled products

Paper, paper towels, tissues but also office chairs, shower curtains or animal cages, don’t hesitate to support the recycling loop by making more room for objects already recycled.

Donate or reuse before throwing away

We think of electronic devices and gadgets of course, which generally find a new family once reconditioned. To local repair shops and DIY enthusiasts for whom your old items to be repaired will serve as real little wonders. Old toys and clothes will delight neighborhood associations while your old pots and containers can be repurposed in a thousand ways!

Keep up to date with local recycling arrangements

These may differ from one county to another. You should find out about the guidelines and possibilities established around you, and ensure that no food residue contaminates recyclable waste and prevents it from being taken care of. Everything you put in the trash must be clean, empty and dry!

Nowdays recycling in South Carolina and the different links of the circular economy are progressing and we are beginning to glimpse the image of another way of life that would once again be connected to nature.

In these new challenges, everyone in SC has a role to play, from the government which defines the regulations to the local companies which must facilitate the transition and up to the consumer at the end of the chain who must learn to review their purchasing behavior. So many small, simple efforts which will become reflexes and which will allow changes to take place not under constraint but on the contrary voluntarily and gently.

How to rent a dumpster in Conway, SC

Some residents of South Carolina may decide to rent a dumpster in order to alleviate all the local pollution issues.

The cost of renting a dumpster in Conway, South Carolina, can vary depending on several key factors. These factors include the size of the dumpster, the duration of the rental, the type of waste you’ll be disposing of, and the specific dumpster rental company you choose.

In Conway, a standard 10-yard dumpster for a week-long rental may range from approximately $250 to $350. However, larger dumpsters, such as 20 or 30 yards, will naturally cost more, potentially ranging from $350 to $550 or more for the same rental duration.

The type of waste you’re planning to dispose of can also affect the cost. General household and construction debris are typically less expensive to dispose of compared to hazardous or special waste materials, which may incur additional fees and require adherence to local regulations.

The choice of dumpster rental company is crucial in determining the cost as well. Prices may vary among providers, so it’s advisable to obtain multiple quotes and compare services to find the best deal.

Some rental companies in Conway may offer additional services such as same-day delivery, pick-up, and recycling options, which can influence the overall cost. Communicating your specific needs with the rental company will help you receive an accurate quote.

The price of renting a dumpster in Conway depends on the dumpster’s size, rental duration, waste type, and the specific rental company’s pricing structure. Conducting thorough research and obtaining multiple quotes (see more info) can help you find the most cost-effective solution for your waste disposal needs.